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Samson Trucking, Inc. started in 2007 when the owner, Stoney Samson, purchased his first truck, which he drove himself hauling asphalt for various road resurfacing projects around the island of Oahu. Today, we employ over 40 people. Our fleet consists of over 80 pieces of equipment, moving anything from aggregate and asphalt to containerize and lose freight to heavy hauling of equipment and oversized freight.

We strive to deliver a customer experience above all others. We will not rest until our customer’s customer is satisfied.

Our vision is to become the foremost authority on transportation in Hawaii. Through teamwork, innovation, training, and experience, we will not just set the bar but continue to raise it.

What Makes Us Different


Our team comes with years of experience and knowledge. We use this knowledge to manage our customer’s freight safely and efficiently to its final destination. From the very beginning of our existence, our goal is and will always be to deliver the highest level of customer service possible. Our team will find innovative ways to aid in our customer’s success through thoughtful, effective planning and execution.

Our relationship with our customers is our business.

At Samson Trucking, safety is not a buzz word it is a culture. We have invested time, money, sweat, and tears into creating an environment to keep our team members safe. We have some of the best trainers and training programs available in Hawaii today.
Our industry is evolving, and we embrace it. The ability to reinvent ourselves and adjust to the needs of our customers and the times is what separates Samson Trucking from everyone else. We can and have come up with original solutions to help our customers succeed.
We are the vanguards of the freight industry in Hawaii. We continuously are looking for or create new opportunities to move forward. In doing so, we will listen and include our team members in coming up with innovative solutions. We believe in our team and their insight. This is why we can reimagine how business is done.
We are innovators and not afraid to come up with solutions and advances that others cannot or will not. The transportation industry requires and demands it, and our customers require and demand it to keep ahead of the competition.
The place we live in and work in is created in cultural diversity. We have a melting pot of team members from all walks of life and religious affiliations, and we celebrate this atmosphere. There is great strength and wisdom in differences. Our pride comes from our ability to give our team members a place where they look forward to coming to work and can earn a good living and care for their families.